Bathing Lady Statue


Product Summary:

  • Bathing Lady Statue
  • Stands 1.6cm tall
  • Cast in iron
  • Hand finished detail all round
  • Suitable as a bird bath, although water must be refreshed frequently


Dimensions & Weight:

  • Height: 160cm
  • Width: 78cm
  • Depth: 50cm
  • Weight: 180kg


As with all cast iron products, this statue will continue to gently develop it’s own unique patina. Depending on positioning and environment, this can include mossing and general weathering. In order to begin this process, we store these statues outside. As rust forms its own seal, decades of service are ensured. Whilst a weathered look is generally preferred, a uniform finish can be achieved by priming and spraying or painting as required.

Please Note:

Due to the size and weight of this item it’s delivered on a pallet as a “curb side drop”. The pallet (100 x120 cm) can be brought as close to your property as it will fit, so long as on a flat surface (i.e. it can’t be taken up or down steps). You will need to take it off the pallet and position it from that point on.

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